claptwice (claptwice) wrote,


Why do people insist on dressing up in identical clothing to play sports?

We drove by a driving range the other day and every single person -- men and women -- were dressed in beige khaki pants, polo shirts and  baseball caps.  It was weird.

Every "cyclist", no matter their fitness level, are all geared up in tight spandex, advertising one product or another.  Half the time they're just aimlessly tooling around -- but yet they feel compelled to dress up in their uniform.

Most runners -- Canadian ones -- have their requisite Running Room jacket (I have one but once I realized I felt like I was a cult member I stopped wearing it). 

I understand why teams have uniforms.  But people participating in individual pursuits?  I just don't get it.

I guess people just want to fit in -- to show they're a member of a tribe or something.

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